Uncompleted cover for a Fletcher Hanks anthology for the late, great Sweetwater’s Self-Publishing class at SCAD, circa 2008.

For class we had to do our own short Fletcher Hanks comic and Sweetwater would then collect them into a self-published book. Sweetwater asked me to draw and color the cover over that summer so the thing could be printed that fall. Well, I never got it done (was only about 75% done with the colors) and the book was never printed.

Over the next year, the year leading up to Sweetwater’s death, he’d ask me every so often how the cover was going. I always told him “Oh, I’ll get to it,” but never did. A mix of life getting in the way and my own laziness. Mostly laziness though.

I still feel incredibly guilty that I never got it done, the book never saw the light of day because of me, and that Sweetwater never got to see the finished thing. I think he would have gotten a kick out of it. He loved crazy shit like this. One of my regrets in life.

If you aren’t familiar with Fletcher Hanks’ work, you should look it up. He made some of the weirdest comics ever. AND all of his creations are now in the public domain, so there is nothing to stop you from making your OWN Fletcher Hanks comics. Seriously. Do it. It’s fun!

I’ll try digging up the six page comic I did for the anthology and throw it up here in the near future.