My good buddy Jon Chad’s first published book, Leo Geo, comes out today!

I remember when he first started doing the pages for the original version of this back in our Penciling and Inking class (or was it Backgrounds and Props?) with Prof. G-Sleeve many, many moons ago at SCAD. And how he came back from that summer break with this beautifully crafted minicomic that just blew everyone away. I’m glad a publisher got wise to it and let him make a book-book version. I got to see a sample copy at SPX last year and it was beautiful.

Jon Chad is a dear, dear friend and is the reason I got into minicomics in the first place. It was great rising through the ranks with him and his ingenious packaging and sense of style always challenged me and pushed me in my own work and how I looked at what minicomics could do and what they could be. Things like Beard, Monster Town, and Boxcar Joe wouldn’t exist if it wasn’t for Jon Chad exposing me to the world of minicomics back when were were just a couple of dumb sophomores in art school. Man, I’m really starting to make myself feel old here…

It is really great to see your dear friends and peers achieve great succes like this. And he totally deserves it, it couldn’t have happened to a nicer chap.

So you know, you really should get a copy of this book today! You won’t regret it!