#055 Frozen Pizza Time

Make tonight frozen pizza night.

Make every night frozen pizza night.


#043 Not the Fastest Colorist in the West

Just your weekly reminder to follow inkdick.


#036 Always at the Worst Times

I’m not that great at color theory, but I’m having fun using color to help tell the story on some of these.

Meant to get this done for Hellboy Day, but missed it by a few days. Aw well. Happy 20th, Red.

I love Hellboy and Mignola’s art. Both have had a huge impact on me as a creator and a comic fan. One of my biggest regrets was selling my Art of Hellboy book at a yard sale years back. I didn’t want to do it, but I had to lighten my load for a cross-country move. Ugh. What a dummy.


#030 Chasing Feelings of Athens and Backwater Road Nothings

Here’s David Mack’s comic that got me missing Athens: A Round Town

It was hard putting this feeling down into just four panels, but that’s the challengeI guess. I could probably fill half a book about what Athens, Fluke, and that time in my life meant to me.

Oh Athens, sweet Athens…

Be sure to give inkdick a follow if you haven’t already.

Time to cut, fold, and staple. It’s been so long since I’ve done such a simple, small, and cheap (only a buck) minicomic. It feels nice to have something on the table again that’ll be cheap & I won’t feel bad about just giving away/trading.

Also, I’ll be at the Chicago Zine Fest tomorrow!


#026 Duffy Street, Duh!

The older I’m getting, the stupider I’m getting it seems.


#024 Pain in the Shoulder

I was on a tight deadline so of course this happens and I can’t draw the whole day. >:(

Back at it. Tell your friends. No, really. Tell them.


#018 Worth It

Now that my next book is done and I’m no longer feeling burnt out, inkdick is back! Going to try to post up two to four a day until I’m all caught up.

This place was so gooooood. I mean, fried chicken dripping with honey butter. I’d probably eat there everyday if it wouldn’t kill me.

Finished and sent in my fourth children’s book today! Belches, Burps, and Farts Oh My! written by Artie Bennett and drawn by yours truly. Coming out this July.

To celebrate, here’s a peek at the end pages for this bad boy. Only took me four professionally published books before I finally figured out how to easily make tiled patterns in photoshop. Go figure!

Now that this project is over and until the next one comes along, I’m going to spend my downtime getting back into and caught up on some long neglected personal projects. And clean up this apartment. It really turns into a dump when I go into “deadline mode.”